Opuntima: 4x more concentrated!
Results after 3-5 weeks!
Produced according to GMP & ISO 9001:2015 international producing standards.
Available in 120 capsules packs.
Price: $42/bottle (minium 2 bottles)

The addition of the Petrosselinum Crispum to the Opuntia Flower capsules strengthens and improves the capsules activity, and is positive influence in treating various inflammations of the urinary tract.
The active ingredient of this plant includes Volatile Oils (such as Apiol, Myrestychin, Apiolin, Begaptin), Phlavonoids, a significant amount of Vitamin A and C and a number of minerals (such as Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus, Mangan, etc).
The combination of this plant with Opuntia Flower, is a very effective anti-inflammatory treatment of the urinary tract, efficiently removes uric acid, Oedema and prevents spasms in the visceral organs and blood vessels. We are the only company that produces special products for women.

Price for 1 Bottle



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