Prisso - Natural treatment of urinary tract problems

(Men and Women)

Prisso - Natural treatment of urinary tract problems

(Men and Women)

About Us

Founded: July 1992
No. of employees: 4
General Manager: Tamar Soffer

Prisso Ltd. is the manufacturer of Opuntia Flower Capsules. The Opuntia flower is a remedy for urinary tract disorders.

Prisso gathers the Opuntia blossoms, and passes them a special and exclusive concentration process.

The company’s products are manufactured in a health products laboratory, approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Israeli Standards Institution.

Prisso is responsible for marketing the products, mainly by direct mail all over the world. The company exports its products to many countries, including Switzerland, Germany, the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Brazil, Kenya and other countries.

The company was  founded by Tamar Soffer, and  late Yohanan Perry, who specialized in Opuntia growing and developed the unique production harvest technologies still used by the company.

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